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What is the difference between training part 61 and part 141?
Part 141 training

  • Specific training syllabus approved by the FAA.
  • Very structured and regimented training course.
  • Formal ground school with a specific amount of hours required.

    Pros: A very structured training process in a classroom environment that may appeal to some students. To utilize military benefits along with Visa holders are required to train part 141.

    Cons: The overall process is generally more expensive and takes longer. The lack of flexibility in the training process can lead to frustration.

Part 61 training

  • Custom tailored training approved by the FAA.
  • Instructor and student work together to establish a schedule that fits the student's schedule and lifestyle.
  • Home ground school can be supervised with no minimum hour requirement.

    Pros: Custom tailored training to the individual student. Ground school can be done at home and supervised by the school and/or the instructor at a much lower cost. The overall training cost can be significantly lower.

    Cons: Some students learn better in a vigorous structured environment, many part 61 training opportunities do not offer that, but some do.

Note: Keep in mind both a part 141 and part 61 student must pass the same FAA written exam, and must demonstrate the same knowledge and flight tasks to a check pilot or a designated pilot examiner (DPE) to achieve a pilot certificate or rating.
What is the difference between flight schools and flight clubs?
Flight Schools

  • Structured organization, environment and meeting place.
  • Instructor is assigned by the school.
  • Increased overhead and organizational cost.
  • Training options may be limited due to school policy and rules.

Flight Clubs

  • More flexibility, freedom in training times and locations.
  • You choose your instructor based on personality and comfort level.
  • Instructors are independent contractors with no overhead and little expenses.
  • Custom training tailored to the individual student.
What are the requirements to obtain a private pilot certificate?
Private Pilot Requirements

  • Must be at least 17 years of age (16 to solo).
  • Obtain a 3rd class medical/student pilot certificate from an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).
  • Proof of US citizenship or other approved status.
  • A Minimum of 40 flight hours completing the specific flight requirements (national average is 71).
  • Pass the FAA written exam.
  • Pass a practical exam with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).
I wear glasses or I am color blind can I become a private pilot and eventually a commercial pilot?
Yes, as long as your vision can be corrected with glasses you should have no problems. If you are color blind additional tests will be required, the private pilot certificate and a career in the airlines is still possible. This serves as a good reminder to get your medical completed prior to any flight training.
How much will it cost me to get my Private Pilot Certificate?
That is a great question, but difficult to answer. The minimum number of flight hours to get your private pilot certificate is 40 hours. However, the national average is 71 hours. Variables such as how frequently you train (2-3 times per week is recommended), how hard you study at home, and individual skill greatly impact the final cost.

*BEWARE of anybody quoting an exact price to complete your private pilot certificate.

Call us today for current quotes for both airplanes and instructional rates. Free consultations available
Do I need a 3rd class medical certificate/student pilot certificate to become a private pilot? What are they?
Yes. A 3rd class medical is issued by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), see the link below to find a doctor in your area. The purpose of the 3rd class medical is to determine if you are in good enough health to pilot an airplane. This medical certificate also serves as your student pilot certificate.

Before you leave the doctor's office verify EVERYTHING is EXACTLY matching your government issued ID 100%. Any discrepancy will cause undue delays when taking the final flight check.

This medical certificate must remain valid anytime you are acting as pilot in command (PIC). This means you are the "sole" manipulator of the flight controls. 1st and 2nd class medical certificates may also be required, call for assistance.

Note: You can start your flight training prior to getting your 3rd class medical certificate. However, you cannot solo until you have your medical certificate.

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How do I choose my flight instructor?
We advise that you interview multiple instructors and perhaps even fly with a few to determine the best fit for your personality. Remember you are interviewing to hire this person to provide adequate training and to keep you safe as you learn.

Questions to ask:

  • What is your current pass rate?
  • What is your rate?
  • What is your availability and do you anticipate being able to complete my training?
  • Do you train with a syllabus?
  • How do you handle the ground portion of the training?
What if I'm not a Unites States citizen, can I train at New Vision Aviation?
In order to train Part 61 in the United States you must hold a US Passport or hold legal residence in the United States. If you are in the United States specifically for Flight Training only utilizing an F or M Visas you must utilize a 141 school. New Vision Aviation is an approved part 61 school and is able to participate in the Alien Flight Student Program for qualified students. Below are some helpful links. Please call for additional information.

AOPA guide to the AFSP program
Apply to the AFSP program
Do you offer financing?
Yes we offer financing. We are affiliated with a company that can finance a certificate or rating. Please call use today for an application and discuss the finance options available.
What airports do you currently operate out of?
We currently operate out of 3 airports in the San Diego area. Our primary training location is at the Montgomery Field Airport KMYF. We also operate out of the Gillespie Field Airport KSEE, and Palomar or Carlsbad Airport KCRQ.
Do you offer introductory flights or discovery flights? Yes we offer a flat rate for you and a friend to fly locally around San Diego for approximately 45 minutes. You will get the opportunity to fly the airplane and see San Diego from the air! Call for details and prices.
What is the difference between a certificate and a rating? What is an endorsement?
A certificate is a private pilot, commercial or ATP license. A rating gives you additional privileges, such as an instrument rating added to an existing certificate. Endorsements allows you to fly complex, high performance, and tail wheel airplanes. All requiring additional training.
Does New vision Aviation offer part 141 flight training?
No. Due to the stringent policies of the FAA we are unable to offer training under part 141. Our part 61 training is flexible and structured to be suited to the individual student, and can be as structured in the style as part 141 if the student desires.
How does New Vision Aviation conduct the ground portion of my training?
Operating part 61 gives us tremendous freedom and flexibility. We believe in a custom tailored approach understanding some students learn better with videos, books or one-on-one. No matter what method you use your ground knowledge will be evaluated throughout the training process and before your final flight check.
Can you finish up my training if I started somewhere else or a long time ago?
Absolutely! We will develop a plan to get you completed in a timely manner. Your flight hours never expire. However, you must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and flying tasks required for your given certificate or rating.
Can family and friends join me during my flight lessons?
Yes. Friends and family are able and encouraged to join you at no additional cost (headsets not provided). However, some flight lessons have specific passenger limitations, please ask your instructor.
Do I have to join a flight club to train at New Vision Aviation?
Membership with Plus One Flyers is required. They provide an excellent and very reasonably priced fleet of aircraft. The cost to join is $99.00 plus $31.00 for the first month then $31.00 thereafter. The club currently has many training airplanes starting around $100.00 per hour.

Prices are not guaranteed by New Vision Aviation, LLC. Please call for updated prices.

Plus One Flyers
Do you offer refresher training?
Yes. For all levels of flying we offer refresher training specific to the needs of the individual pilot.
Do you offer Forefight™ training?
We do offer Foreflight™ training and we encourage anybody that has achieved a private pilot certificate to become familiar with this technology. We can help you gain confidence in using your paid subscription to its fullest in a safe controlled environment on the ground. When used correctly it adds a tremendous amount of situational awareness to any flight.

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